Bad day remedies.

Axiety attacks may occur at any time in any place. They’re anticipatory – meaning, you can often feel an attack coming before it completely hits, often you’ll feel a great deal of distress leading up to the attack before it peaks about 10 minutes in and slowly fades over the course of the next few hours.

Everyone has those really rotten days, some more often than others. Whether you are feeling depressed, anxious, sick, or completely stressed out. As for me, I’ve had a bad week. I’ve been upsetting about every single thing. I miss my friends, I miss people, I miss my family. I miss my best friend. I’m mad at people and I’m mad at me. I feel very ashamed of my panic attacks. And I have these really ugly ones where I feel like I have zero control of my body. My heart pounds really fast, I feel dizzy, and I can’t deal with the intense sense of nervousness. I come short of breath, start to shake, I have pain in my stomach, etc. It’s uglyyyy I tell ya.

Sometimes I don’t feel good about anything. No matter how much you realize that being positive and present will benefit you, it can be really arduous not to slip into a negative mindset.  I try not to isolote myself, though. I WANT to help me.

When it comes to coping with bad anxiety days, I try all sorts of different things to make myself feel better. Some battle plans had worked, others, not so much. Seguir leyendo